Zwolle – Schiphol

He glanced sideways and saw how her marker hovered over the paper. She was studying a summary. He looked at the title, but it wasn’t a course he taught. She was blankly staring at the page, seemingly not taking anything in. He softly touched her arm. She startled. “I’ll miss you”, she answered his unasked question. “We’ll see plenty of each other”, he answered, although he knew that wasn’t what she meant. He read it in her light green eyes. He was crazy about her, that much had become clear to him over the last few days. This weekend had been amazing, but once back at university things would have to change back to the way they were. She’d have to start calling him “sir” again. Two more years before she would be done, he thought with a hint of desperation. Was she worth looking for a different position? His head ached just thinking about it. Her head was resting against the seat while she looked at him with a glimmer in her eyes and a little smile on her lips. One more night, he thought, he’d think about it in the morning.