Zwolle – Leiden

She feared lagging behind, he thought. That must be it. She couldn’t stand feeling disadvantaged. She was suspicious about the weirdest things. Right now she worked herself forward with liberal use of her elbows, probably out of fear she would be denied a place to sit. She caught his eye. “What. Don’t expect me to stand the whole way.” Resigned, he nodded. How much more pleasant her life would be if she stopped assuming someone was trying to strong-arm her. “Baby”, he tried again, carefully. “If we are fined – “ She threw him a ferocious look. “If you think I’m gonna lay down thirty quid to travel on an overcrowded train”, she snarled at him. He thudded down in the seat next to her. The train was half full at best, he thought, smiling internally. He knew better than to point that out.