Wise-ass Whack-a-Mole

Zwolle – Amsterdam Zuid

Now and then a little blond wiseacre would pop above the backrests. She reminded him of a meerkat. He couldn’t quite explain, but it made him feel oddly cheerful. She sat six or seven rows ahead and they just happened to stretch in perfect synchrony, peering over the seats. Not that it took him much effort with his 2.05m. But he noticed how she had to stick her nose in the air to see anything at all. Her inquisitive eyes amused him. He estimated them to be of approximately the same age. He imagined her traveling home after work, he thoroughly enjoyed how playful she was. Whoopla, there she was again. His smile broadened. Content he leaned back into his seat. Wonderful, he thought, how faith in humankind was restored by one inquisitive girl.