Steenwijk – Heerenveen

A vague trail of cigarette smoke could be strangely erotic, she thought absentmindedly as she followed the conductor with her eyes. It reminded her of the time she would shamelessly flirt with older guys in smoky café’s. She would occasionally still look at the type of guy she used to find exciting because they were older, only now because they were twenty years her junior. Still exciting, she thought wryly. This conductor was at least twentythree though. That wasn’t so bad. Not that she would ever have the guts to act on it. She shuddered. She couldn’t imagine what he would think, the poor guy. Back in the day things were different, she thought with a pinch of nostalgia. She used to be braver. She shot back from her nostalgic feelings when the conductor came walking back. She sent him a fleeting smile. He nodded back.