In my job as a therapist, I often recommend books to people. Reading can change your thinking in a way talking can’t. Not in the least because you can earmark a book, put it on a shelf as a reminder, or pick it up to re-read a certain passage.

Sadly, I find myself recommending mainly non-fiction, self-help type books, or the very occasional philosophy non-fiction. I hardly ever “prescribe” fiction or poetry, although they do often pop into my mind as suitable reading.

I believe reading stories (rather than educational non-fiction) about something you are experiencing can be a very powerful thing, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps you realise you’re not alone. Secondly, getting out of your own head, experience and story to see things written down can create a new sense of clarity. And finally, we learn vicariously as we grow up, and continue to do so as we’re older. By seeing a protagonist deal with a situation, we can use that information in our own lives.

In this section, I will prescribe reading for psychological problems. I will try to mix up fiction, poetry and non-fiction so there is a little something for everybody. I will only prescribe books I have read, so excuse any titles that are obviously missing. If you have recommendations for me - I love that! Please send them to me here.