Meet me!

As a psychologist I experience people from different roles. Not just as a friend, daughter or outsider, but also as explorer of someone’s psyche. I get to work with someone as they are struggling with themselves and slowly get to know themselves. No matter how much I understand of psychology and of how people tick, I experience that same struggle every day.

The role of observer comes natural to me, I enjoy being on the border of a group so I can see how people behave as herds and individuals. That is a good role to have come naturally, both for a psychologist and for a writer.

I work on a daily basis as psychologist with athletes, students and other performers. I was an athlete myself, I was a student, and in many ways I was a performer. I also work alot with people with burn out, another theme I know about from experience.

My passions are reading and writing, those are my way of understanding the world. Catching something elusive in words is to be the best there is. That is why I spent a lót of time with words. The thing I want to do more than anything is writing. So, why wait?

On this site you can find all my writings. My blogs on psychology (mostly on sports, performance under pressure or burn out) and my project: “Strangers on a train”, in which I write short fictional stories starring random fellow travelers.