Leiden – Delft

“How do you feel about the interior of the train?” Her face puckered. “Well, I kinda like the blue.” She thought for a second. “But it would be better if they were all separate chairs, all in different colors.” Expectantly she turned to her mother, who smiled back at her. “You’re quite right”, she answered. “It would be cozier.” It sounded amazing to her, separate armchairs, slightly wobbling, cups of tea sliding back and forth on little side tables. On the ceiling would be oldfashioned lamps, like her grandma used to have. Her mom was asking more questions, but she was barely listening. Her thoughts were with the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, which could drive through entire buildings. “How safe do you usually feel in the train”, she heard her mother ask. She didn’t have to think long about that one. “Very safe. Nothing’s happened to me in all my seven years”, she answered firmly.