Humans are Awesome

I think people are infinitely interesting. We are touchingly imperfect but more often than not blissfully unaware of our flaws. We have high expectations for ourselves and others, we’re bored easily and we experience all sorts of emotional turmoil. We can be bestial in how we work hard to stay away from things that feel unpleasant and how we shamelessly try to move towards things that feel pleasant.

The best way for me to understand people, and at the same time bring some airiness to this comedy of being human is by reading and writing about people.

This blog is about humans. The coloured line on the left indicates the type of message, clicking on the coloured hexagon shows you only messages of that colour. The blue entries are short bits of fiction, inspired by my fellow train travelers who always have a starring role. The red ones are psychological blogs, based on common denominators I encounter in my practice, most will be regarding sport and performance psychology or burnout.

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