Heerenveen – Zwolle

Severely annoyed he stared at the abundance of colors on his screen. He pressed the green circle, but nothing happened. Damn it, his grandson had explained it all this morning. This program was supposed to give him access to all music he could think of, a clear improvement on the twelve songs he currently had on his phone. His grandson had helped him with that as well, he had thought that was quite the invention at the time. He had to admit that those same twelve songs had started to bore him, and also the idea of all imaginable music right here in his pocket had appealed to him. His grandson had assured him that this program hosted a wide range of music, not just modern rap but also his favorite classics. All good and well, but he first had to get this goddamned program to open, he thought. Testily he tapped his screen a few times more. Right away three, four, five programs opened. Sweet mother Mary, he thought wearily.