Dame d’Complain

Delft – Leiden

Vincent scrambled for a different topic while Cora complained about her son. “I could sell my house for a good price, but there are no properties to buy back!” His voice was too loud. Cora glanced sideways, annoyed. “Toine’s not taking care of himself. He lives on scones and cigarettes. And he is very careless about time; he is always late!” I decided to help him. “Vincent. I love your jacket! Is it the same one you wore on the Coolsingel?” Vincent rose up but was interrupted by the intercom. Cora grasped her opportunity. “How they mumble”, she complained. “Someone should teach these people to articulate.” Vincent opened his mouth, but Cora didn’t give him a chance. “Don’t even, Vincent, – .” She continued, but Vincent and I unitedly stopped listening. At least they were off Toine.