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We understand the world through stories. Our brains work best when they have a story to hold on to. Even if that story makes no immediate sense, a why-explanation makes everything easier to grasp. Words on a page can make us cry, laugh out loud or feel inspired.

Also, writing has been a therapeutic tool forever, explicitly or implicitly used to soothe, understand or express ourselves.

On here I share my written attempts at understanding my own inner workings (exploraties), the world around me, through fiction and nonfiction (observations) and the reading that helped me feel, process or understand things (prescription)



wanneer je woont in woorden
en werelden van verhaal


Of je nu toewerkt naar de Olympische Spelen, het clubkampioenschap of het …


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About Nicky

psychologist, poet, writer and people-watcher

Psychologist by day, writer by night. I finished my debut novel “But The World Should Be Ours” in january, for which I am currently on the hunt for an agent. I am working on a second novel as well as a work of poetry in collaboration with photographer Mays Al-Korany. I write articles about (sport)psychology for a. o. NLcoach. I also make animated videos for schools and businesses, love doodling, bouldering and sailing. Wherever I go, you’ll never find me without a book, a pen and a noteblock.