A woman you can count on

Almere – Zwolle

He stared out the window with astonishment. “A windmill. And another one! They are everywhere!” He saw the giants far away and close by, it felt like the train almost hit them. “It must be windy here.” His wife didn’t respond. At home in Australia they also used windmills, but not so many and not so close by. He couldn’t stop looking at them. “Whoop, now we’re underground.” It had gone dark around them, excited he looked around. “And we’re up again! Are we almost there?” His wife looked at her watch. “It’s five past. I’ll put on my coat at seven past.” For a short while they sat quietly. She kept a close watch on the time, at seven past exactly she started pulling on her coat. Content, he followed her example. He could count on her.